Turkish Apricot, 250g

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Helps prevent high blood pressure, Boosts your immune system, Rich source of iron and vitamins.

250 Gms

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NUTSHUP.COM Jumbo dried turkish apricots are plump, moist, chewy, and vibrant in flavour. Lareger apricots like this variety tend to be more sweeter and more delicious.


1. Rich in potassium

2. High in dietary fibre and vitamin A

3. Improves Immunity

4. Prevents Indigestion

5. Glowing Skin

6. Maintain good vision


As like with other dried fruits, dried apricots can be consumed directly or can be used with other items for preparing yummy dishes.

Weight 250 g

1 review for Turkish Apricot, 250g

  1. admin

    I have been buying dried apricot for some while. This is the first time I’ve tried NUTSHUP.COM… I’m more than happy with. Each apricot is quite big, plump and soft.. . Thanks NUTSHUP.COM for giving us such a wonderful product at a discount.

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