Javitri (Mace), 200g


200 Gms


It is spicy in taste, somewhat like a combination of pepper and cinnamon, with a strong aroma. Javitri is the net like extra seed covering that covers the Nutmeg’s seed coat. It is native to the Bandra islands of Indonesia.

Culinary Uses Of Javitri (Mace) Spice

Mace spice is the best in the culinary world. Here are a few mace spice uses.

  1. You can make sweets, puddings, muffins, cakes and different kinds of breads with mace being one of the main ingredients.
  2. It is also used while brewing milk tea or masala milk, primarily because it tastes like pepper.
  3. Try using mace spice while making pickles, ketchups, curries and sauces.
  4. Mace spice has often been used while making delicious mashed potatoes, broths, soups and rice preparations.


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