Green Cardamom (Hari Elaichi), 250g


250 Gms


It helps improve digestion.
The essential oil menthone in cardamom helps in alleviating gastrointestinal problems such as acidity, flatulence, indigestion, and stomach aches. It is a good digestive stimulant and carminative. The main indicating symptom for using elaichi is a burning sensation in the stomach.

It may lower blood pressure, improve breathing and aid weight loss. What’s more, animal and test-tube studies show that cardamom may help fight tumors, improve anxiety, fight bacteria and protect your liver, though the evidence in these cases is less strong.

According to the book, Healing Foods by DK Publishing, “An effective digestive stimulant and diuretic, cardamom boosts metabolism and helps the body burn fat more effectively.” Managing conditions like indigestion, constipation, and water retention, elaichi makes for an important weight loss spice.


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